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Opinion requested about the Al Mar SERE 7 inches fixed blade

Mar 29, 1999
A friend of mine owns an Al Mar SERE, fixed blade, full tang with scales in micarta and the "De Oppresso Liber" motto on the guard.

He bought it in 1988.

He likes it very much, and asked me the opinion of other Forumites about this knife.

He says the steel is an AM6 alloy (I asked it three times to be sure).

If you think is a valuable knife, made when Al Mar was still forging, he could buy another one from his cousin, still NIB.



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Ok, I am going by memory here, but here it is as I remember. Most of those were made when Al Mar was still alive. After he passed away, the line got pretty small very fast. Workmanship on those were pretty good, if I remember right, they were made in Japan. The steel, AM6 is what Al Mar knives called it, and thats how it was listed in old Cutlery Shoppe catalogs. AM6 is just AUS6. If he has a chance to pick up another one for a good price, I think he should do it.

Those are nice knives, I'd like to have one. Not much of a chopper, but well balanced for slicing and penetrating. AUS6 holds a pretty good edge. The build quality on the AMKs of that time was very good, they are functional and cosmetically attractive. Particularly if it has the straight blade and micarta handle scales.

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