opinions on buck 110

Oct 24, 1998

A local sporting goods store has the buck 110 on sale for $29.00.I have many knives,benchmades,spyderco,cold steel,kershaw,...and was thinking about buying the buck for a work/ utility knife.I would welcome any opinions or coments about this knife.
Every collector should have a well-preserved specimen in their collection.
As for the work/utility part, my personal opinion anyways, is that it's a little hard to open than it's more contemporary counterparts. The handle is just a bit too slippery for my liking. For that matter, it lacks a clip for easy pocket carry. Just the same, if it fits your needs, then it's as good of a knife as any.

Sounds like a good deal. I've always liked the leather sheath they come with. I've still got a 110 & a 112. The 112s blade is pretty worn but both knives bring back a lot of old hunting and working memories.
Having a 110 should be a prerequisite for citizenship and voting rights.

It is a good, dependable knife and like SB said, every collector should have one. It is argueably the progenitor of the locking folders.
My Buck is the oldest knife i have,i carried it daily when i was a young teen maybe 20 or so years ago and still do on occasion. except for the very bad tarnishing its held up great. "anyone know the best way to remove the tarnish? "
ain't nothing at all wrong with a buck 110 or 112. they're not fancy and they're not " tactical" as seems to be the thing today. but they'll do just about any job a folder should. and with practice you can open one up one handed. enough said!


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Big Z try Semichrome Polish on your "King of the Lock-backs. A.G. Russell carries it as does Cut and Run Cutlery. I am sure there are others too.
If you like the 110 look into the auto-conversions by Cumberland Mountain Knife , offered by Jim @ Broken Arrow (thanks, Jim). Really sturdy piece, the conversion is 100%. The release button is brass!IMO a must for the collector.

If it had a pocket clip it would be in the rotation.

Well based on everyone's advice I bought the buck.I really couldn't be more pleased.It is sturdy,well made and very sharp.thanks to everyone who contributed.It's a great knife!