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Opinions on CRKT...


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Oct 2, 1998
I had a chance to look over several different CRKT models last weekend when I went down to Florida last weekend, and overall, I'm pretty impressed: they look like they have good quality at great prices.

What do you guys think of them?

Hello Spark,

I have examined the Mirage folders up close and am quite impressed with them. They are designed by custom maker Jim Hammond. It's not that often that I get excited over low dollar knives
They really do not feel like low dollar knives - they are very well put together. Even the Mirages with Zytel scales don't really feel like traditional Zytel handled knives. Handles are very solid thanks to the dual 420 stainless liners. Jim Hammond and CRKT have both done their homework on these knives and it definitely shows.

Though the blade steel is certainly not high performance (AUS-6M) you have to keep in mind that these knives are probably marketed toward people who are getting into knives. People like that don't want to fuss around with resharpening ATS-34. AUS-6M is easier to sharpen than these high performance steels. Also worthy of note is the action of the Mirages. They are very smooth! It's almost kind of hard to believe that a knife that has these many features costs no more than 50 bucks (for the large Mirage).

CRKT gives the user more bang for the buck with the Mirages - all the features found in the higher end knives with a price tag that is in the same range as the Spyderco Enduras, Cold Steel Voyagers, and Benchmade Ascents. I will not hesitate to recommend the Mirages to anyone looking for a rather inexpensive locking liner knife. Also, not a bad price at all for a custom design too!

After seeing the Mirages for myself, I really cannot wait to see the S-2

I hate to have a dissenting opinion, but I think the depth and placement of the finger indent in conjunction with the contours of the handle including the box-like shape make the knife not very ergonomic. I would not feel safe doing full power thrusts.

The handle seemed unneccesarily slippery, and the serration pattern looked pretty ineffective.

And the lock barely engaged the tang.

But, like Dexter, I am very much looking forward to the S-2.


Are you referring to the aluminum handled Mirages? Those are quite slippery, but I didn't think the Zytel ones were not all that slick (well, I have yet to use them to really try that out)

Latest word on the S-2's release is this December. Sit tight!


I have several CRKT's (Mirage, both KISS's and a Gold Kobra). I have only started purchaseing knives in the last 2 months. As with any hobby I find it's better to start from what i consider entry level items to more expensive (if necessary) as you progress (same for my guns). I purchase the CRKT's for their looks and quality, I have no complaints with them, But then again I only but them to play with.

CRKT knives are a great choice for a first time buyer or someone who wants to learn about knives. They're relatively cheap and decent quality, a good knife to play around with until you buy a high end benchmade, spyerco, or microtech$$. I'm partial to knives made in the USA, call me a patriot, but for the money I have purchased a few KISS folders and have been very impressed with the quality and aesthetics of their knives including the ApacheeII, mirage, and just about any current folder they've put out. Shop them around, I've seen price differences on the Apachee in the range of $40 among competitors. Hope this helps.