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Opinions on Gerber L.S.T. line

Sep 20, 2000
I trying to pay down my credit card, but I'm also getting the itch to buy a new folder. I can get a standard size Gerber L.S.T. (GB-6009. Black handle. Stainless drop point blade) from www.knifecenter.com for just $19.95. Even us lowly wage slaves can afford that. What you knowledgeable folks think about that folder?
The LST is a classic.Good knife for the money,I used to give or recomend this knife to non knife people who wanted something decent that did not cost a lot.BTW walmart usally sells them for about $17.
I carried the original Gerber LST for almost fifteen years before I decided to upgrade to a nicer daily carry folder. It still finds it way into my pocket somedays. Enjoy it, it is a great little knife.

Blade magazine selected it as one of the most influential knives of the the last twenty five years. It was the first production knife to incorporate light weight but strong Zytel handles, eliminating the need for liners, and reducing weight. Two handle slabs, a lock bar, a couple of pins, and a blade are all there is to it. Elegant simplicity. This design had a major effect on knife design, with all the major manufacturers now taking advantage of light weight synthetic materials.

Buy it. Enjoy it