Opinions on Gerber L.S.T.?

Sep 20, 2000
I'm primarily interested in the smaller Gerber LST MicroLight and UltraLight models.

How does this Gerber product line stack up against other small folding pocket knives, such as the Buck MiniBuck lockback (Model 425) and Cold Steel Tuff-Lite models?
i won the gerbers and some of the bucks.
right now i have an lst with the 2.5 inch blade.
they're not bad for cheap lightweights.
i like the gerbers more, their steel for some reason has a little more bite to it than the bucks.
i like the flat grind too, slices right through cardboard.
if you're looking at lightweights, you may want to save up a little bit and get a spyderco.
maybe a dragonfly (which i own and love to use) or something along those lines.
the steels in them are better than the cheaper gerbers and bucks and they hold up longer too.
you'll find that the handles of the gerbers and bucks will start to lossen around the pivot pin and the knife could fall apart and the locks are more likely to fail than the spydercos

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The LST models are alright for the price. But in the smaller sizes, I would go with either the CS or a Spyderco LadyBug (if you are OK with srrations). 8A is a better steel than the 440A used in the Gerbers.

I have the 2.5" and ~2" blade versions of the LST. They are nice and "low key" in appearance. I also have spyderco lightweights but I think the one handed opening and serrations might freak some people out. I was thinking about posting some of my gerber knives on the exchange in case you were interesred.
I bought an LST way back when... I paid $6.95 for it. I still have it, but I let my buddy (who is a carpenter and uses it everyday), carry it. He's had it for the last 2 yrs, and uses the Heck out of it. I think they go for about $25.00 or so now.. I would still buy it at that price.

Long ago, before I learned about high-carbon steel, I carried an LST...and I really liked it. It is light, inexpensive, nice looking, and functional. I carried the Mini LST for several years, wore a couple out, and still have the last one sitting in a bucket of pennies in the kitchen. Then I switched to the regular sized LST (more knifeness to it), and I carried that until I saw a picture of the Benchmade AFCK on the Internet. The rest is history. I gave the LST to a buddy of mine, and it is still working great for him. There is something to be said for a well designed, dirt cheap knife.
I have two lst models both originals. When Gerber was owned by Pete Gerber. One is LST, and the other is a LST ultra light carried on my keyring for the last 10 years. Both are nice discreate knives. Take good edges when the need arises. I don't know about the newer ones.
I have one of the original Gerber LST models that my brother gave me about twelve years ago. I carried it everyday for many years. It was just replaced last year by several different knives.

It is sheeple friendly, lightweight (you forget it's in your pocket), has reasonable (not great) steel, and is a very good value for the money. Mine still finds its way into my pocket from time to time.

My current daily carry folder cost 25 times more than the LST does, but it is not that much more functional, and I would be Really bummed to lose a fine custom knife. LST's are readily replaceable.

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I had a couple of those LSTs when they first came out, and they are cheap and handy. However, they do not hold an edge worth a damn! Sharpen the knife, and use it to sharpen your pencil and it is dull. I would also recommend the small spydercos. AUS8A takes and holds a much better edge. What would be nice is for Gerber to make those little LSTs with BG42 blades. Then, I would buy a bunch of them.

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One of my first 'brand' knives.

1. The clip works loose and moves back and forth. The plastic scales strip out...

2. The steel is below par.

3. The glass bead finish is highly prone to rust.

It is cheap, and a reasonable knife, my dad uses mine now. He seems happy with it.


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