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Opinions on Mission Knives Ti Folder??

I can't answer your question but I must say the folks at Mission are difficult to reach by email AND by telephone.
Hmmm, that's weird, because I never have a problem getting ahold of them.

They *are* in the process of moving to a different shop right now, and that's why their email system is currently out of action, but Rick monitors the forums pretty regularly and always seems to have his thumb on things.

If you have a question for them, let me know and I'll give them a heads up.

Bcurran, check the reviews section for information on this knife, as I know it's come up more than a few times there.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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I carry some of Mission's knives at NCET and use the MPF for my own use as well. I think it has about a good a feel/grip as any of the top tactical folders out there today. I particularly like the way the blade locks open and the ease in bringing the blade back in. It has a very positive lock bar, which is part of the handle. It also has an angled thumb ramp that just feels really natural in almost any cutting position. The clip is great - holds very well so you don't lose it moving around. The entire knife is made from titanium including clip, handles, screws and pins. It is made from a different Ti alloy (Not ALG 64 or commercially pure CP stuff) I recall Benchmade did some with 64 and that's kind of what has given Ti a bad rap as far as holding an edge. The 64 alloy just doesn't do it well as far as blades go. I'd have to say the Ti alloy & process used by Mission holds an edge about as good as with A2 steel or 440. But you know what, knives wouldn't be as much fun if you didn't need to sharpen them once in a while. The MPF sharpens up fine with the Mission non-magnetic diamond sharpener, which also works well on serrations. I have two problems with the MPF. They want to walk away on any field trip I've taken and they take too long to get...but they are certainly quality knives in my opinion and are worth the wait.

About Mission not being good at answering their phone etc. They just went through a move (locally) and should be up and running this week. I know they were having problems getting their phone system / e-mail access set up with the local service during the move. They were able to retain the same phone number as before. Try them again.

Thanks Spark and reberle,
Yes, we just went thru a move and by the time everything came together we actually started on a Wed. instead of the planned Monday. This meant that the telephone people couldn'e make the schedule and we finally got the phones up late Friday afternoon. We were lucky and were able to keep the same phone and fax numbers, although, the ISDN line (for fax and computer) won't be in until Mon. Therefore, we have been without communications. For those getting bounced emails, hopefully we will be getting them all on Mon/Tues.

Our new address is:
13805 Alton Parkway, Suite D
Irvine, CA. 92618

and is 4X the size of our old place and backs up to the new El Toro/ Orange County airport that looks like will be going in - so it will be an easy commute for all of those that will want to visit.

Same phone and fax:

As for the question on the folder - Although I might be a "little" biased, I think it is the best folder "system" ever designed and built. For those that need a non-magnetic, non-corrosive, durable, well cutting folder, the all titanium version is what you are looking for, for those that require a steel blade, we are offering the clpi point as well as the dual-grind tanto version.
Hope this helps,

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.