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Opinions on REKAT Pioneer II and Kershaw Ricochet

Jan 3, 2000
I'm considering getting either one of these. Here're what I like about both knives.

Kershaw Ricochet :-
Blade/handle design, especially like the finger cutouts.
CPM 440V blade (comments welcome on this steel for a working blade)
Beautiful polished G10 handles (slippery?)
Assisted opening feature
Thin blade profile
Overall good looks of this knife

Logo on knife blade
Never owned a Kershaw knife before, so don't know how good the quality,
fit and finish is.
Liner Lock (Its gonna wear down someday, and play will develop)
Possibly slippery handle when wet

REKAT Pioneer II (have'nt handled one before)
Strongest lock on the market (Rolling Lock)
Advertised long (several lifetimes) lock life
Comfortable looking handles
ATS-34 blade

Blade looks like its ground at quite a shallow angle. I personally prefer flat
ground blades.

I'd like to hear opinions of people who own or have handled either of these knives. Let me know what you think. Thanks.


I have a kershaw mini-task, and can tell you that the quality is very good. It is my favorite knife because of the speed-safe and polished G-10 handles, and it's razor sharp. However, you might think about waiting for the new Kershaw Boa, but I have no idea when that will be coming out.

My $0.02,
Hi Mitch,
Could you tell me more about the Boa? Is it from the same family as the Random Task and Ricochet (having the same looks)? Do you know what kind of blade shape it has?

I'll also like to ask you about the speed safe mechanism. I noticed when closing the knife that the spring pulls the blade close too. Any danger of cutting your fingers because of this? Thank you.


The Pioneer is a good, solid knife, with a comfortable handle. But it is very heavy and has a thick blade, as you have noticed. It takes a while to work the grittiness from the lock, and it never gets as smooth as a liner, integral or Axis lock. Pure strength is its major advantage, but after a certain point strength becomes moot.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
The Boa is a Ken Onion design. Check his website for a look at the custom version.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
I have owned a few of each of the Ken Onion Kershaw colaborations. They are nice the only thing is that some have weak locks that won't pass the linerlock tests. This is less a problem with the mini-task. The liners are somewhat thin and weakly sprung. This is not true of all. Rekat is too heavy for my tastes.
I'd like to thank everyone who responded. I decided to go with the REKAT pioneer II tanto folder after looking over the ricochet a second time.

Thanks again for the feedback.

I don't think you will be disappointed. I have a pioneer I and a pioneer II. They are excellent workers. A little on the stout side, but they are as tough as they come. Let us know how you like it.

Dennis Bible
I wouldn´t go for the REKAT Pioneer. I made that mistake myself. The machining is far away from BM or Spyderco. Overall it isn´t very well made. Not by my standards anyway. If you take it apart you will notice the amount of locktite used from factory to prevent it from rattling. The grinding is very uneven. I payed $70 for mine, and I find that was at least $20 too much.