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Opinions on the CS Desperado?

Oct 12, 1998
Apart from the poorly chosen name, what do you think of this knife as a cheap defensive fixed blade?
Speaking from a design standpoint only, I love bulb handles as they are easy to locate and easy to grip, and very snag-free. The blade shape and serrations lend themselves well to a loosely targeted attack that would certainly get an attacker's attention and give you ample opportunity to flee. I like it.

Whether you want to carry something like that is up to you; it's definitely not "authority-friendly."


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
I've had one since shortly after their introduction, and haven't really used it hard at all, but the handle has become 'loose' or developed play so to speak.
It has pretty much been in room temp. storage since purchase.
Just my experience.

Did someone say Cold Steel??? eeeeeeeeeewwww!!!

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