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Opinions on the Gunting, developed by Bram Frank

Aug 22, 2000
I have been impressed with Bram Frank's thoughts and his moderation of the knife fighting tactics message board. He recently released the Gunting (with sharp edge, as well as trainer, and video). I have searched the threads on the board for a detailing of the innovations of the knife but haven't found any. Has anyone put the knife to the test? Is the excitement justified?

Excellent concept - Bram is one of the best innovators in bladed self-defense - excellent execution - Spyderco construction with the new compression lock! - its excellent all around. But most of the same defensive techniques can be done with a bigger knife, so as long as you don't live in a state with a 3" limit, why not carry a Benchmade 710, or a Spyderco Terzuola or Military?
I was wondering about that myself - where's the rest of the blade? I'd prefer to see a longer blade - say just under 4". Something along the lines of a lighter weight CRKT Kaspar.
Some guy put a review of the drone up in the Common Sense section.