Opinions on Victorinox CyberTool?

Not yet, but that sure does look like a good stocking stuffer!

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I bought one off ebay about a month ago and have been really happy with the knife. My only complaint is that the interchangable screw driver bits are smaller than standard. This was necessary in order to fit so many inside of the flip out tray, however, I dread loosing one of the bits as a replacement would be hard to find. The actual screw driver part is a standard size..it's the base that is 5/32" rather than the standard 1/4" bits.

Other that the complaint listed above, I really like the knife. As with all of the knives in the Victorinox line, alot of thought and engineering went into the product. If you work with computers on a regular basis, I highly recommend the CyberTool as an alternative to a Leatherman type multi-tool.

I hope that this is helpfull to you in making your decision.


Which version of the CyberTool do you have? There's a 29, 34, and 41, according the number of functions.
I got one (34 "bits") from my employer as a gift.
Useful and handy when working with computers, electronics and/or fine mechanics.
Strong enough and suitable for those tasks.
Maybe a little (very little) bit too thick, but I've got nothing else negative to say about it.
My girlfirend gave me a 34 cybertool as a present last Christmas (oohhh, i love her
); Actually it'a bit thick to be carried in a jeans pocket all day , but i think it's a great knife.The main use for it here is to disassemble CRKT knives, since they have torx screws...it fells good to use a knife to take care of another
.The 29 is much more confortable in the pocket, so if you plan to buy one i'd suggest that model.

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