Other Livesay neck knives?

Apr 24, 1999
Since I don't have a catalog, I was wondering what the other neck knives Newt makes are. I know about the NRG, the SOP, the Little Pecker, the Woo (who doesn't know about the Woo?), the NRGS, the Ti Tiger, the G-45 and the recent Ti Bugger. I've also heard about something called the "Thrasher," hinted at by someone in another post about a week ago. Anyone know anything about this Thrasher model? The reason I ask is b/c I'm seeking to trade my NRG and blued G-45 for two other similarly priced Livesay neck knives or one that costs as much as the two combined. Please look for that post in the sale/trade forum if this might interest you. Anyway, if anyone could provide scans of these less discussed models, that would be great.
Newt also has one called the Bow Hunting Buddy. I have one with linen micarta handels and a drop point blade, nothing fancy. Nice knife but that is typical for Newt.
Hi Thrawn et all.

I sent you an email but I figured I should post this here too, in case anyone else may not have been to Newt's homepage...the address is: http://members.tripod.com/~Newt_Livesay/index2.html
and he has a link to "a page full of neck knives" right on the intro page. My personal favourite is the Woo executive with micarta handle.

Hope this helps

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Yeah, I've been to that link a number of times. Problem is, someone was talking about another model that wasn't on there. It's called the "Thrasher," or something like that. What I'm really looking for is something thin and narrow, like the SOP but w/ a little longer blade.
Perhaps it was me that mentioned the Thrasher- I guess it can be carried as a neck piece, but it comes w/ a Really Nice horizontal-carry Kydex belt sheath. It has a bead-blasted blade that runs about 2 1/2" w/ micarta slabs. It looks a little like the "Sniper" but smaller. I'm really tickled w/ this little knife. It's a handy size for everyday mundane tasks like doing battle w/ unruly cardboard boxes & string & could handle much heavier duty if pressed...
Hey, I think it was you that mentioned it. How much was it and how'd you hear about it? I thought it was a neck knife b/c of the blade size, but I actually prefer to carry my knives horizontally if possible.
The Thrasher was about $55.00 or $60.00 if memory serves... I had an old product/price list from about 2 years ago & the name & price caught my eye- I already had a Bow Hunting Buddy & really liked it & wanted another of Newt's knives- It was initially intended as a gift, but the order got delayed for some mysterious reason (Newt made good) & when it came, I decided that I liked it too much. I haven't seen it on any of his websites (old or new) or recent product information- I hope he's still making it- it's an incredible knife for the money. If you like a small-bladed knife w/ a horizontal carry (such as Bob Dozier makes) this is the knife for you. End of commercial (but I really like it...)