Outdoor Edge Impulse & Magna are great !


Jan 2, 1999

I have just had a chance to see the new Outdoor Edge Impulse and Magna and I must say I am amazed !

The company, IMHO, has made a huge leap forward in terms of quality and material used in their knives. Both are also custom collaborations that went well, very well.

The Impulse is actually a very close copy of Daryl Ralph's famous Krait folder and comes both with black teflon coated blade and a satin finished one. A very impressive folder with nice quality in construction, the square opening holes are very effective and the aluminum scales with the zytel inserts are very comfortable and good looking. The price is extremely competitive as I just saw that you can get this baby for ~ 40$ on the net - This is one of the best value for money folders I have run into recently. Blade steel is Sandvik.

The Magna is a much bigger folder with ~4 inch blade. The Scales are 6061-T6 aluminum and the blade is AUS8A. This is a Kit Carson custom collaboration , again very high quality of construction and finish. A friend of mine who had a chance to inspect an original Kit Carson Magna side by side to the Outdoor Edge version says he really couldn't tell the difference between the two and that he was very impressed noticing this....

So again, 2 thumbs up for Outdoor Edge for bringing us, the not so rich and famous,the opportunity to own a Daryl Ralph & Kit Carson replicas (high quality ones) for 1/10 of the price....
Every post I've read that mentions the impulse seems positive.I'm convinced I should get one.As far as plain edge vs.serrations what do you owners that rave over this blade advise me?