Outdoor Edge..Magna and Impulse


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Oct 3, 1998
I had decided after looking at ads for these two knives, that they at least warranted a look. Last weekend at a gun show I got the chance to handle them. I decided they seemed good enough to buy one...not being able to choose, I bought both.
I have used them both for about a week. Nothing abusive, but a moderate amount for both.

Fisrt up is the Kit Carson designed Magna. This knife, I believe is patterned after Kit's model 4 folder.

This seems to be the more heavy duty of the two. Its avaliable in an aluminum handled version and a Zytel handle model. Both models have dual stainless steel liners. I chose the Zytel. This is still a heavy knife, the info sheet included with the knife states 6.7 ounces. It is a liner lock, and lock up is perfect. The liner moves just enough that it fully engages the blade, and no farther. The spine whack test showed it to be rock solid. When closed the blade is centered in the handle, and does not rub the liners at all. Out of the box, the knife would 'scrape' hair, however, about a minute on the sharpmaker had it shaving smoothly. The thumb ramp is serrated to give good control over the knife. These were just a hair on the sharp side, however they did not seem to bother my thumb all that much. Overall fit and finish on the knife is not perfect, but is very good, easily the equal of production knives costing 2 or 3 times more than I paid for this. Probably the neatest part of this design is the clip.

As you can see, part of the handle is cut down so that the clip can sit flush with the rest of the handle. When gripping the knife for use, you can hardly tell by feel that a clip is even present, very nice touch. Through the week, I used the knife to whittle some wood, cut card board and other folding knife type duties. Edge holding with the AUS-8A blade was pretty good. After a week of use, it would no longer shave, but was still 'working' sharp. Plenty sharp to continue cutting card board. Using the white sticks of the sharpmaker was all it took to return it to shaving sharp. Lock up is still as good as when I first got it, and the blade has zero play in any direction.

Next up is the Darrel Ralph Impulse. Its modeled after Darrel's Krait. The one I bought has a black aluminum handle with kraton inlays, and a blackened blade.

Wieght on the info sheet states 4 3/8 ounces. To me, it feels lighter. This knife is also a liner lock. Lock up is good and solid, and easily passes the spine whack test. The only fault I could find in the fit an finish, is a few rough spots in the blade finish on the spine near the tip, no big deal, and not noticable unless you really look for it. As on the Magna, the clip is designed to be un-noticable during use.

This knife was used for the same type of stuff as the Magna. As with the Magna, lock up is still as good as new, with no play at all in the blade. After a week of use, the 12C27 blade would scrape hair, and a simple touch up on the sharpmaker has it shaving easily. So far, under moderate use, the blade coating is holding up great.

These two knives are outstanding re-productions of custom designs by two of the best in the business. The quality rivals any of the better production folders out there. The only question is, which one should you choose? Thats an easy one, with the low price/high quality ratio...you can easily buy both

To Outdoor Edge, I say....Very well done.


I just have to add that my favorite thing about these knives is that both the front (forefinger area) and back (thumb) are ridged. What a fantastic idea. I wish more knives were like that. excellent gripability.
I also have owned the pair for a good while now, and believe one would be hard pressed to find another two such blades for anywhere near the selling prices. I carry the Imnpulse,due to light weight, when in dress attire, and the awesome Magna goes in the jeans pocket. There are many blades in my cabinets, but these two are among the best!

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I have the exact same Impulse and I too really like the clip design. I usually remove the clips from the folders I've bought but not with the Impulse, you can use this knife and not even notice the clip.
great clip..just wish the holes were just a tad bigger, finding my thumb sliding past the holes too east