Outdoor Edge Magna - First Impressions

Oct 3, 1998
I don't know if this qualifies as a "first review" for contest purposes, since buying the knife wholesale gives me a head start, and I haven't cut anything with it yet, beyond ye olde arm hair test. (Yes, it works.)

Here's the image if the Magna and the Impulse:

And closed:


This is definitely a "full size" folder, and it's not a lightweight, with 2 steel liners in a very solid aluminum handle. It seems to me to be a very useful blade shape.

Everything about the knife is much more precise than the Impulse, which is to be expected, since the MSRP is almost twice that of the Impulse. You may recognize the construction details of some CRKT products - same good factory in Taiwan.

Smooth, tight action, lockup on the near side of the tang. Very good ball bearing detent. The first spinal tap test, on a pile of loose files and such, bounced in such a way that I could releast the lock almost every time that way. Then I tried it on a firmer surface - desktop and a few sheets of paper to prevent marring. There the lock held firm. I switched back to the file pile, and the lock still held firm, so maybe I fixed it.

I like the grip, with the round edges and recessed clip, and the grooves for traction. Good solid handful of a knife.

The clip is high enough on the handle at the pivot end, and does not have the same angled top as the one on the Impulse. All in all, I prefer the Magna clip, I think.

All for now . . . .

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The image link should work now.

MSRP $105, I think.

I don't recall the liner release being particularly sharp.

Very like a CRKT Mirage, but a lot bigger.

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