OutdoorEdge Wedge

Oct 3, 1998

Just got my Wedge from Brian at Discount Knives (thanks, Brian!). Service was, as usual, excellent. (O.k., so this was only the second time I've ordered from him.
This little knife kicks booty. Hair flinging sharp right outta the blister pack, fits my hand fairly well, and cuts cardboard and opens letters like a little pirannha. It says its made of 420J2- but it can't be. It seems (so far) to be fairly strong, and the blade hold its edge well.(Again, so far.
Now, if I can just steal it back from SWMBO....

After I play w/it some more, I will post a more in-depth review.
Anyone else got one of these? For $12.00 US plus $3.00 s+h, I think it is a pretty decent buy.
(However, if I might suggest hiding it from the spouse- it evidently has one serious flaw: it's "cute".)

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Got one right here at my desk at work. This is my box opener. I love it!

I used to have it zip-tied to my backpack, but a CS Mini-Pal is there now.

Had a Wedge II. Pretty nice, but if you want that big a knife I would suggest finding something in better steel. Still a friend of mine confiscated mine for diving use.

Funny, I was just showing it off today...

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I have a Wedge stashed around my house some where. Nice little knife for the price. If you like the Wedge, pick up a Utility Key also. About $20.00, looks just like a key on your keychain. I received one for Christmas and have used it a bunch.
The Wedge is a very nice knife and has the added benefit you mentioned of being cute. Cute knives can be carried in places that knives with more "GRRRR" will never go.
I've had mine for about a year and it's held up real well and still holds a good edge.
Got one....love it. It will shave a peach it's so sharp. I bought mine about a year ago because I was impressed with one that I fellow police officer wore. I have since "graduated" to larger and stronger neck knives, but it will always be a keeper for me.
Is the Wedge's sheath southpaw-friendly when carried as a neck knife? Also, how thick (or thin) is the blade?