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Pacific Cutlery Balisong

Jul 31, 1999

can anyone help this fellow collector acquire a Pacific Cutlery (or Benchmade) Balsong butterfly knife. I'm referring to the kind with the skeletonized handle displaying those pairs of 'cute little' holes between the larger holes. Any help is appreciated!

Be patient. They come up in the for sale forums and on the auctions every now and then.

There's one on the blade aution right now. It is under the Benchmade knives. Better hurry though. I think that sale is over tomorrow.
You're very observant, Mr. Carlyle.

The knife in question is a Model 30, which does not have the hidden pins. It's a mid-quality Benchmade. Still, a very nice knife. The piece in question is a factory second meaning it has some cosmetic blemishes.

It would be an excellent knife to practice with, and a fine collection piece too.