pacific cutlery fixed blades


Oct 21, 1998
at a gun show today i came across some pacific cutlery fixed blades. two different blade styles both with what appeared to be black, polished micarta handles. they had the balisong butterfly logo and were in red pacific cutlery boxes. japan made. any other info on these neat looking knives? i was curious as to the value/collectability to see if i should buy them. seller had them priced at $95 and $85 each. anyone else see these for sale lately? thanks...dmc

I picked up a couple of Pacific Cutlery fixed blade hunters a couple of years ago in an Ironstone closeout. The boxes had retail price tags in Yen on them. The knives were designed by Jody Samson (his trademark lion), who also made the Conan sword in a more ambitious project. They are some of the best-finished factory knives I've met. The sheaths invite the attention of a custom leather worker.


Let's see. There was the Samson axe or was that later. Also there was a PC Tanto with a rubber handle. The handle looked like crap but the blade was nice and of the more traditional Tanto shape. I have the Samson claw which was made from bronze, also a later model. It is not for cutting but it looks cool. Most of the PC stuff was AUS-8 steel and Micarta handles.

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Here is a pic I stole from NWCutlery. It is a skinner.

They sell it for about $90.

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The knife that Mike posted came in a few sizes and even as a gut hook skinner. I have two or three of the sizes. Dmc you going to the next St. Charles show? Missed you there the last time. I had money burning a hole in my pocket.


Tom Carey
If I remember correctly, PC or Blackjack (I know it was one of the two) had two (pardon the expression) tactical fixed blades out in the mid-late 80's - the Mamba & the Fer De Lance - I think one had a slight recurve, and the other a more traditional type blade.

I can't recall what they went for, but they were micarta scales (I believe bolted on) w/ leather sheaths. The both also had integral guards, if I am recalling correctly.


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I have been searching for one of the PC Tantos. They came in two grades, combat and presentation. They were designed by Kuzan Oda, and I remember them selling for around $50 through a magazine closeout deal. I saw one at a gun show about 2 years ago and the guy wanted around $250 for it saying "If you know what this is then you know what it's worth".
Suffice it to say it was not worth $250 IMO.
The search continues.
DMC if you happen to see one of these for reasonable cost and want to do a fellow forumite a favor, well e mail me off list and we will discuss it.
I also saw a PC Fer De Lance at a mall knife store in Richardson last year selling for $150. It was NIB and a pretty nice knife. By the time I had decided to buy it, and returned to Richardson (from Austin) it had been sold. Oh well.

Mike, that is one hell of a good looking knife. Especially for only $90.00. Might have to get one. How do you like it?
When Pacific Cutlery Corp. moved operations from Japan to Oregon, the name of the company was changed to Benchmade, hence the butterfly.
Ironstone ran across a bunch of those knives somewhere and closed them out for $37.95.
They had some other models too. One being a weehawk bladed boot knife with the same paper micarta handle for $30.95. You could also get the boot knife with bone handles for $1.00 more. I think Benchmade was still selling the Samson designed hatchet not too long ago.

The recurved blade model was the "Timba"..."Mamba" was a Blackjack name.
I just disposed of my Timba in a trade. Still have the Weehawk.

They very well made knives.

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great info as usual from the online knifeworld. thanks. sounds as if the dealer wasn't asking too high a price and the knives were very nice. mike, one was as pictured in your post. the other was more of a regular clip point style blade. this dealer is a regular at all the st louis area, central il shows. i may buy them next time i see him. thanks again for useful knife info....dmc