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Pacific Cutlery(or Benchmade ?) Kuzan Oda Tanto

Mar 20, 1999
I saw one of these and was wondering if anyone could give me some background information. Quality? Company? Your opinion? Thanks

Dark Nemesis

All the knives in the world go round and round, round and round, round and round...DAMN, one of them took my wallet !!! :)

Is this the one with the black-coated metal handle that has a very simple pattern (like cord wrapping) molded into it? A friend of mine has one, I can try to get some info if this is the knife in question.

I have 3 of them and each are different.
2 are the metal handle "Combat" grade. The handles are ribbed pattern and have a lanyard hole at the end. They are not exactly cord wrapped style. One is satin finished and the other is polished, and show a hamon on the blade. I believe that this grade of knife typically came in the satin finish.
The other is the "Presentation" grade. This model has black wraparound rubber handles, also in a ribbed pattern. The blade is polished and also shows a hamon. It is interesting in that the blade is chamfered along the spine where the combat style are not.
The quality of the knives seems to be very good. The hamon on the blades is undoubtedly cosmetic. I am not sure what the blade steel is, and I really have not used these knives as I purchased as collectables I had wanted since I was 15 (13 years ago).
The main thing about them is that the metal handle models are a little shorter in overall length that the rubber handled model. The sheaths are leather and have no retention devices to hold the blade in.
One more thing, the Presentation model has a polished oval tsuba.