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Palming: how to hide a knife in your hand?

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Oct 17, 1998
Sometimes you want to have you knife in you hand but out of sight. With a closed folder this is easy, you can keep it in your fist or you can push it against you palm with your thump or fingers.

Hiding a fixedknife behind you forarm, in reverce grip, isn't very difficult either. Again, you use one or more fingers to hold the handle against your palm.

What I was wondering was, are there other was to hide a knife in you hand? For instance, in a forgrip?

In magic shows the magicians often make things apear and disapear from there hands. I would love to beable to do that with my knife. Does anybody know how they do that, and if you can do those trics with knives?
This looks like the sort of topic that the "Tactical and Martial Arts" forum was set up for, so I'm moving it there.

If one's surroundings look dubious, discretely having a one-hand folder in your hand gives you another second or two of readiness, without starting a confrontation, while you seek out safer surroundings.
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