Pants damage

Am I the only one out there who has terminally ruined one or more pairs of pants with my miniAFCK clip. I just ordered a small fixed blade from Bob Dozier (I needed an official excuse, you see) that should not cause such damage, but I really like the folder. Any thoughts?

Oct 3, 1998
Most of my pants have the right front pocket lip all frayed to heck from carrying my G-10 Benchmades. The G-10 roughened that area up and through numerous washings of the pants and constantly carrying the knives in the same spot, this is what did a lot of the damage. I just purchased an Emerson Commander, and sometimes use that wave thingy to rapidly deploy the blade. One day I may end up ripping the pocket seam while opening the knife this way

Dexter Ewing
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I have a similar problem. I always have a small white area on the outside pocket area of all my jeans right where the barrel of my .32 Seecamp sits in the pocket. Oh well... The price of protection.

Kelly Yates
Boy howdy can I relate here:

My Microtech clips have torn the hell out of everything I regularly sit on, including my pants-

The got the fabric back of my car seat.

They sliced my fitted sheet on my bed, and the mattress pad beneath it.

One tore my desk chair, and another damaged my couch.

So, now I don't carry them in my back pocket...


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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It seems I am not alone!
Well, what this girl did with her AFCK...
I kept it clipped in the front, not in the pocket, but beside the zipper. The butt end of the knife ended up wearing a hole right beside the crotch. Very cute to look at. I have since moved on to a Styker, which is a bit smaller.
I had the same problem with the clips on my AFCKs. I tore a hole in my car seat with it.
I also put a couple of holes in my front pants pocket when my Crawford Kasper Fighting Folder opened up in my pocket.

One solution I have found is the Inside Pocket Knife Holster from It keeps the knife upright in your pocket and bypasses the clip (I removed my clips). It also keeps the knife securely closed in your pocket.

It is sized for most folders although I had to have mine resized by a cobbler to fit my Crawford KFF.

You also have to practice the draw so that the holster stays in your pocket when you pull the knife out.

Hey, Axel!
You want to run that URL for the inside the pocket holster by me one more time? seems to be some kind of e-mail bank or something!! I’d really like to look at these holsters, though!

Appreciate your help.


Jim Six
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Even though I replied to you via private e-mail, I felt that I should update the forum.
I don't know why it isn't listed on the website, but it is in their free catalog. You can call 1-800-601-8273 for one.
You can also request one online at or

If you get one you may want to cut off the leather flap. It gets in the way of gripping the knife. I used a pair of scissors on the two holsters I bought.