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Pardue, Fairall and Crawford

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Dec 6, 2013
It was recently brought to my attention that my folks need some financial assistance in keeping their home. The knives need to go.
Price is all in/ TYD
Priority shipping included- will ship worldwide, shipping cost is on you
I reserve the right to do business with whomever i choose
Thanks for looking!

1.Mel Pardue Auto- 3.75" hand rubbed blade. Red micarta linerless frame. One of the lightest blade i've handled. Few marks on the blade that i caught in pics. Has not been carried, used or sharpened-$600

2. Fairall Model #3- 3.75" hand rubbed s30v blade. Swedge has 1/4"ish sharpened at the tip. Tan and blue g10 scales, comes with a set of cocobolo scales too. Has extra hardware too.
Detent is on the lighter side. Requires a firm push of the thumb or flick of wrist to open via the flipper tab. It can also be opened with the dual thumb studs. Has been carried 4 times, cut arm hair to test the blade after i sharpened it. Fairall no longer makes knives, so this is definately a collectible. Comes with soft carry case-$475

4. Crawford Shark 4"- Bead blasted blade, anodized ti frame with ti spacer. I've not carried, used or sharpened. Looks to have been carried lightly by previous owner. Very slight smoothing and a few snail trails on the frame. Very smooth openeing. Solid lockup, no vertical play, very slight play(almost flex) side to side. 95% condition-$400

Link to pics: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php/1251736-Pardue-Fairall-and-Crawford
Hope everything works out well, I had similar problems last year.

Hang in there