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Pat crawford folders

Oct 11, 1998
Anyone who can review Pat Crawfords folders from a quality point of view. Do you recomend this folder in front of others? Looking for a folder for day to day carry..
there are none better.
beside the facts that pat is one ot the finest gentlemen making knives, he has been doing it far longer than most and his knives are much smoother and solid than many others that get a whole lot of praise from the really unknowledgable knife guys.
if you like the knife buy it. they are a fine product and the crawfords stand behind their products 100%
Pat Crawford makes top quailty knives. For an all around utility/tactical carry knife The New Crawford Shark is awesome. Built to work, excellent craftmanship. For more defence and versitile utility the Point Guard is my favorite. Smoothest opening folder I have, light and quick. For a pure Defensive Knife The Kasper Fighting Folder is as good as they come, large knife fits the hand beautiful.Any Knife you choose of Pat Crawford you will not go wrong, he stands by his knives a 110 percent, and is a very fine gentleman to do business with.. Murr
Pat Crawford (& son) do excellent work. First class design, first class construction on any thing they make. Am currently waiting for a fully serrated Kasper design (with Spyderco hole, approved by Kasper).
Thank you for sharing your experience.
Im looking for a defense kind of knife big enough for that purpose...
I own two large Kaspers and a mini Kasper. I carry the large Kasper constantly. Workmanship is first rate. They are very solid knives and are well designed. Pat is a great guy and has addressed all of my repairs and alterations.

I am now awaiting my Rolling Lock Kasper.

A BIG Crawford Leopard was my 1st custom knife. I bought it 3 years ago at the NYCKS.
it's a great knife: smooth action, very solid, excellent craftmanship. It's still one of my favorite knives. and I have one of his tanto folders. It's built like a tank, lots of metal everywhere.
Pat Crawford and his son Wes are real gentlemen and fun to talk to.
check out their website: www.crawfordknives.com

Played with the big Kasper and was amazed at what a solid feel it had in the hand.

The only gripe I've heard from people is that they don't like the liner lock on it. I don't know if it is engagement problems or what, perhaps those who own it can comment.

Sure felt like some real meat. Might be tough to carry wearing a suit, but you sure could put the grip-of-death on it.



The problem that I've encountered with the liner lock had to do with a KFF trainer which Pat Crawford graciously made for me. It is set up just like a normal KFF except that the ATS-34 blade is blunt and dull.

After about 5 months of hard impact work on my heavy bag, the liner lock started to disengage on me. I sent the trainer back to Pat and he adjusted it for me. I have been using it for about a week now, and it is rock solid. I'll see how well it holds up over time. This type of use may be more than any liner lock can withstand for extended periods. I try to take it easy with my sharp KFF so that it should be able to hold up in a defensive situation. I have placed my order for a Rolling lock KFF, so that should eliminate any lock failure concerns.

The liner lock mechanism on the Kasper folder is made so that it would greatly reduce the likelihood of unintentional unlocking. For example, if you would thrust into your target and then twist outwards, the amount of force in your grip, especially the index finger, could unlock the liner. The curved part of the liner where your thumb would normally be placed is set back from the lower scale on the Kasper. Excellent. Keep in mind that this is a pure fighter and getting to it and opening it is most important, not needing to close it . But with some practice, it can be unlocked with the lower inside portion of your thumbnail very easily. It is the perfect compliment to my Polkowski Kasper Companion fixed blade, which this folder designed was based on.
Sal Glesser, if you ever decide to part with your version with the thumbhole, let me know.