Pelican EDC K1018🔥🔥 is the perfect everyday carry🥰🥰

Aug 16, 2021
When you walk on the street🐾
Blowing cold wind🍃
Humming a tune🎼
Are you in a good mood
If you have time
Then stop your steps
Get to know our
Kansept knives🔪

Let me show you the K1018 series of knives today;)
About Designer

Retired from K-9 units in the French army,Jonathan decided to build the knives that met his needs
when he was active and then created Kmaxrom Design
His Philosophy is durability,strength and ergonomics

About Design
The Pelican Edc is the perfect everyday carry folders satisfy the maximum needs of edc knifenuts
With its 3'' blade
it can be legit in a lot of countries
It is lightweight and strong enough even if the size is perfect for pocket carry
The Pelican Edc is build to be used in any occasions without fear

Item NO.knife nameBlade materialHandle materialBlade lengthTotal lengthWeightColour
K1018A1Pelican EDCCPM-S35VN6AL4V Titanium 3.0''/76.3mm7.0''/177.8mm3.43oz/97.24gGray
K1018A2Pelican EDCCPM-S35VNBlack Coating 6AL4V Titanium Handle3.0''/76.3mm7.0''/177.8mm3.43oz/97.24gBlack
K1018A3Pelican EDCCPM-S35VN6AL4V Titanium 3.0''/76.3mm7.0''/177.8mm3.43oz/97.24gGray
K1018A4Pelican EDCBlack Coating CPM-S35VN6AL4V Titanium 3.0''/76.3mm7.0''/177.8mm3.43oz/97.24gBlack

More details of the new models, check here:
Jun 30, 2021
Received mine (A3) last week and have to say i'm very pleased with the overall fit and finish. This is actually my first Kansept knife and i'm sure not my last one. Love the blade shape and action. Blue ano is spot on, great colors :)