people/knives left off of survey!


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
I only have two complaints about the survey.
I know that it is impossible to have everything and everyone on the survey but the Applegate-Fairbairn from Boker should have been on the list for best overall fixed blade and Sal Glesser should have been on the member of the year. Having an active member with Sal's credentials makes the list very enjoyable and informative.
Then why didn't you name them on the postes before the survey started?
Shootist, the 1998 Awards Forum was open for almost a month so that everyone could have their chance to nominate people and knives into the proper categories.

Sal joined the forums after the nominations had closed, and no one nominated the AF from Boker, so it's just bad timing on both.

Next year we'll have improved categories and selections to choose from though, don't worry.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I must not have been a member at that time.
I didn't know about the nomination process.
Before my last post I did check your profile to see if you were a member at the time of the nominations posts, and you were. 12/25/98,now that that I think of it you were a fairly new member and could have been overwhelmed by all of the info here. Very understandable.
The posts were in a different part of this web sight it wa the first forum the Awards Forum.