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PErkins knife owners

Feb 4, 1999
I wrote a message on another Perkins thread, but didn't get any replies, so I thought I'd try again to bring this to attention. One of the Perkins-ites asked if Sean would make Kydex sheaths for the knives, and he said for a variety of reasons, no. I'd be willing to make some for people who have these knives, though,a nd I think it could be fun. I wrote a long message about what I use to construct them, and what some of the possibilities are, so please check the Perkins Knives threads on this forum from the last day or two for the full, and as Jane pointed out, very detailed, story. As a brief summary, I am on vacation for a few weeks and would be willing to do the sheaths for any Perkins owners during this time. I would require the knife, as Kydex is a heat formed material, as well as $5 for return insured Priority Mail postage. I have black and grey kydex, and will do it in any other color if you send the material with the knife. Let's see...what else...I can make them for a variety of carry options
including vertical belt, horizontal belt, neck, pocket and swinger, all with interchangeable loops and clips on the same sheath. The more options, the more complex. I suggested the average would run $10-$15, and I probably wouldn't be able to justify more than $20 for a sheath unless it is something really crazy and wild. PRetty cheap, if you ask me.
I can probably have the knives and sheaths back in the mail the day after I receive them, so turnaround should be fast. I'm mainly doing this for fun and to raise a little money for some arrangements that need to be made for my sick dog. In any case, I can understand people would be apprehensive in letting a non-pro make sheaths for them, so I offered to do the first one for free (actually, $5 for the return postage) with the understanding that that person would post the results and impressions here, so it would give a more impartial account for other willing buyers to check out. Sound good? So, the first one who emails or posts a reply here (preferably both) gets a free Kydex sheath on a Perkins knife. If they send it right away it should be back in their hands within 6 days after they mail it out, and I'll take any other "orders" for a few more weeks. Just contact me!
Steve Agocs
Interesting...I guess no one wants a free Kydex sheath with multicarry options for their Perkins knife, huh? I figured people would've jumped all over this. Oh well...offer still stands. In other business, congrats to Sean on yet another nice addition to the line of knives he already has. These new Praecisio knives (did I spell that right???) seem perfect for people who like to play with knives in class, at work, etc, and would be great to stow away in places where it would be nice to have a really sharp knive handy. Good work, Sean, and bravo on the price, too! I hope to see one of these little buggers in person someday!