Person of the Century!!

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Mar 9, 1999
Hi, Times Magazine is conducting a poll to see who is the most significant figure in our century. It is at this link:

<a href="">Right here</a>

I am voting for Jesus Christ... But who do you want to vote for??
Gandhi once said "Each of us must be the change we want to see in the world." I like that a lot. He definately gets my vote.
Since Jesus and Ghandi have already been nominated (good choices), I'll nominate Sal Glesser. And Mike Turber for Mr. Congeniality.
I may regret this, but I don't see how Jesus could be the guy. After all, he died 2,000 years ago--not this century.

I would probably go with Ghandi, or maybe FDR or Stalin. I don't really like some of what FDR did, or much of anything Stalin did, but they gotta be up there in importance.
As I consider WWII as the most significant event of the 20th Century, it continues to shape the world today, I would vote for Winston Churchill. He led his country to stand alone against the Nazis until Roosevelt could get us involved. I think without him the world would be very different indeed.

I'd have a difficult time only choosing one, but here's my short list to ponder;
ML King
Winston Churchill
Nelson Mandela
I could come up with a few more but I did say "short" list...

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I voted for Eric Cartman, and I strongly urge the rest of you to vote for him too.

"Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!"

It'd be "shweeeeet"


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OK I voted, and got to look at the tallies. Now at the risk of showing my ignorance, Who is Rick Flair, he’s coming in at #2, and I don’t even know who he is!

Oh, and here’s a good one Kurt Cobain is coming in at #11, now come on is this a sick world or what!

"Every Dog Has His Day"

Ronald Reagan---he won the cold war without firing a shot, restored pride and hope in America and laid the foundation for the booming economy we enjoy today. An economy, that by the way has produced lots of new knife companies and the disposable income to buy their products. Lucky Dog, I think Rick Flair is a pro wrestler.


who dares, wins

Phantom4; I must say I was surprised at your choice of Ronald Regan, however, your points are well taken, and he did a lot of the things you mention when he was senile. That should count for something.

I presume your nick refers to the F4 Phantom II; if there were a plane of the century, I think that plane would have my vote. The only plane to be adopted by several different services, and still in use today. Awesome. Walt
Rick Flair as person of the century is the problem with doing polls on the internet.
Yeah, Rick Flair is a pro rassler. Kinda like a pretty-boy version of Hulk Hogan with hair and nice suits. He's a loser, but they keep giving him the belt so they can call him the "14-time world champion."

BTW, if anyone voted for Man of the Year, you might have noticed that Mick Foley and Mankind came in first and second by HUGE margins. Foley plays Mankind on WWF's show and he won something like 74% of the vote. If there were a "pro wrestler of the year" Foley should definitely get that. He went through a match last fall where he took several falls from a 10-foot cage that was already raised about 5 feet up on a ring, meaning he fell 15 feet each time and never used his feet to break a fall. He also took one unplanned fall THROUGH the cage, ten feet down to the mat, and a chokeslam onto real carpet tacks. He broke his jaw, several ribs, lost several teeth, and was out a long time. He's not very bright, but he's tough.
Well I guess Lucky Dog isn’t so lucky today,
I’ve been duped! Why did I think anyone would take this pole seriously. A pro-wrestler as person of the century. YEEHHEEEAAHH!!! Now if only there was a Dog of the Century…Hmmm, great Idea!!! Dogs are loyal, have good natures, loving, and have a great sense of humor, OH! I forgot to mention, humble.
Vote for Me!!!

"Every Dog Has His Day"

Wow, I am so glad Jesus is still the most popular guy around. He is leading so far up there! However, I do worry about the people who actually voted for Ric Flair...
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