Pet Peeve: Plastic Thumb Studs

Jedi Knife

May 6, 1999
I think these really make a knife look crappy. They aren't as rugged as steel either. Does anyone else abhor these as much as I do?

I'm trying to think of one single quality knife that I own that has a plastic thumb stud......don't have one. Don't know one of any high quality.

Those Spyderco wannabe knives have them and I wouldn't own one of those if you paid me.


Sounds like an issue for the "experts" at the Home Shopping Channel.

Plastic studs are cheap.Anyone see those Spyderco imitations with a square hole?I had a guy at a knife show try to sell me one for my son.He told me the only differance was that the hole is square instead of round!,and that they are good for kids because they will cost you less.Well we passed him up and went straight to the Spyderco dealer and bought a good knife with a round hole..
scott w
I believe the "Katz" brand folders have plastic thumb openers, as well as the (now discontinued) Columbia River folders. They look really, really inferior.
Scott - thank you.

JK - The large round plastic thumb studs, etc, are the Chinese/Taiwan ways of trying to get around Spydercos patents, still keep the designs and try to look as much like Spyderco as possible.

As you have seen, a large part of our problem with "knock offs" are the dealers that would push the "Knock offs" because the profit margins are very high. (buy for $2, sell for $15-20.

And perhaps some these dealers are not telling the ELU the whole truth about the "products" they are selling. "Why it's just as good as a real Spyderco for 1/3rd the price", is the "common chime" we hear.

"Son, they build those things just so they can deceive you out of your money". You are not geting even close to a real Spyderco knife. but you can feel good in the fact that you are helping to support a lot of people. Sorry for taking the opportunity to "b*tch". It's a personal peeve.


I understand about that Chinese junk, believe me anyone in their right mind can tell the difference. What really burns me up is that knifemakers like SOG, Katz and CRKT expect to be taken seriously doing the same thing.


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Jedi, you are right that anybody can tell the difference between a junky knock-off and the real McCoy - IF they have them side by side for comparison. We, in this forum, are in the minority - we don't need to compare side by side to be able to recognize junk. I don't believe the general population is that knowledgeable about knives, otherwise they wouldn't buy that crap. As well, they rarely have the opportunity to see a quality knife and its knock-off together. I think part of my responsibility is to demonstrate the value of quality blades, like Spyderco, to people. Everytime we educate a member of the general public about the value that knives like Spyderco have, the knock-off manufacturers and retailers will lose another customer.

Bill (Yes, we carry knives in Canada - we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant Eskimos ;) )
Hey, I'm back in the forums!!!(despite being on aol).
Anyway, the only knife i own with a plastic stud (and it's good) is the Kershaw drop point liner action. Good knife.
BTW, at a gun show I once saw a dealer with the cheapy Chinese knockoffs on a table WITH THE STUDS REMOVED to make them look more like real Spydercos--! They had these funky looking itsy bitsy holes and I thought, what a bunch of hassle just to make about $5!

Looks like Ginsu is making folders.Think they can cut nails? :^)
scott w

Thanks for sharing that advertisement with us. It is hilarious! Even the name is funny.

I gotta get one of those knives!!! They never need to be sharpened!!! WOW!!! and the beautiful handles and the stylish thumb studs and the enthralling product name!!! ROFLMAO
Don't get me wrong here
, I really enjoyed checkin' out that ad.