Peter LaGana Virtual Museum Teaser

Nov 2, 1999
One of our proudest moments when meeting with Peter LaGana this past Friday was discussing the LaGana Virtual Museum with Peter and his family.

Peter opened his shop to us and allowed access in capturing pictures of photo-stills and documents which have altogether remained private and personal. The pictures you are about to see and the dozens more that will grace our museum have never been seen by the public in over 30 years, and in most cases, never seen by anyone ever before. They are the property of the American Tomahawk Company, LLC, and cannot be copied or reproduced without its express permission.

First, a fun picture which is not in the least bit special, other than the fact that it brought us great joy to take it together.

Peter and his family directly benefit with a portion of your Vietnam Tomahawk purchase, which is unprecedented in the history of this design since he originally owned the company in 1966.

I'm on the left, Peter LaGana, then our Production Director and ATC Co-Founder, Bobby Branton.

Next, the original Vietnam Tomahawk prototypes from 1939, 1943, and finally in 1966, which was mismarked "1967" is our plan at this juncture to make these prototypes available for your handling and viewing pleasure at the Blade Show, 2001...

Peter LaGana gave extensive CQB demonstrations to the United States Marine Corps and United States Dept. of the Army in the use of the Tomahawk. The Virtual Museum will include pics of the letters to that end.

Here, Peter dodges a unrehearsed, live, bayonet thrust and is about to take his opponent out at the knees!
It is the opinion of many that only with a Hawk can the ending of a situation like this be decisive and final.

Enjoy and stay tuned!!!

Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company