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Pinnacle... been out awhile now...how's yours?

Jul 9, 1999
I am curious as to how your BM Pinnacles' are holding up now that you've gotten them broken in. Thoughts? Opinions? Inquiring minds gotta know!! Thanks in advance for your help!
Still like it. Probably more now that it's broken in. I have the original. Supposedly , the newer model with the lock modification won't have the "stick" that many found in the original.

Buy a Spyderco Starmate.

My Pinnacle just didn't float my boat, but a Sebenza didnt' either.
Mine is working out just fine as my daily carry. The pivot screw has lossened up so I have to tighten it every 2 weeks or so. Otherwise, it's 100% functional.
I have to tighten the pivot also.I'd say mine is broken in pretty good and it locks up very good and sticks very little.I had to hand pick one out of a bunch to find one that I was satisfied with though.I do think the thumb stud needs some attention.It just is'nt grippy enough for me.Other than that I think it is a fine tool.
scott w

I've have had the knife for about 4 months
no complaints I would buy another.