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May 22, 2000
I've found a great place for knives. has tons of brands of knives, and i've ordered about $100 of knives from them, which would have cost me $300 everywhere else. I found prices there are 3-50% lower than everywhere else. It takes them a little while to ship stuff out, but not only do they have low cost - high quality knives, but their prices on the really expensive stuff is really low. I found the Gil Hibben hornet for $75, and the Isis dagger for $50. If anyone else knows where you can get these cheaper (other than sleeping with Gil Hibben) please let me know.
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If you are looking for knockoffs, "collectibles" (arguably), and Hibben the *****'s Fantasy pieces, then this site may be for you.

If you want real, user knives at good prices, click on the links button on the right of this page or on one of the banner ads you'll see here.
Ka-Bar, Boker, Schrade, and Case are pretty good. United makes sub-par knives in my opinion (they manufacture the Colt knives and Gil Hibben stuff), but they are still alright I suppose. Frost is cheap low quality trash made in the evil human rights abusing country known as the People's Republic of China. They aren't even the real China (Taiwan is). I would avoid Frost Cutlery like the plague.

Those prices for the Ka-Bar knives and some of the other stuff looks really good though. Just be careful what you buy. Welcome to the forums. Stick around.

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I'm open minded here if there are better places...but...

If they carry what you want, Knives Plus in Amarillo has consistently low prices, within a couple dollars of the absolutely "lowest" available if not the best price going. I don't bother chasing $2 to $3 around anymore... I just go to Knives Plus and I'm done with it.

When I first got into knives, I made of pricing matrix of about 30 knives I wanted, and tallied up the prices from a bunch of places. Knives Plus aggregate price for the batch was lowest.

KP is good about putting things on backorder and then calling you when the product shows up too...they have the database to keep track of such things... good organization.

Good about taking QA/QC problems back for credit, refund, or replacement.

Knives Plus 800-687-6202, or 806-359-6202.
I went to the suggested site and was shocked at how expensive the Frost stuff was. For what they were charging you could buy a real knife. My guess at the real value of Frost blades would be about $1.25 an inch or maybe $10 for a mid-sized Bowie.
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