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PLAYBOY (Aug. issue) & knives?

Jun 17, 1999
Hello there one & all,

Hmmm, maybe I overlooked someone else's post, yet I suppose several of you folks out there are already aware of PLAYBOY's endorsement of various pocket knife folders in their August 1999 (pg. 39) issue, right?

If not, then at least you can now rest a bit more easily (after all its nice to know that Hef's part of the "bandwagon").

Oh, lest I forget...

Nell McAndrew, A.K.A. Lara Croft, toots a tactical knife in her "nudie" layout on page 74.

I was wondering what brand/model the knife was?

It appears to be a stainless steel, fixed blade, knife w/flat skeleton handle (consisting of various circles).

Thanks a bunch,

Michael Cedric


"You learn something new every day!"

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I'll have to run out and purchase the latest issue of PLAYBOY right away and check that out!!!
You people kill me.

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
Laura Croft is based on a real woman? Wild!

Actually, a lot of mainstream Magazines have been doing knives lately.

Maxim had a few pages in one of there more recent issues, where I think Ed Halligan had a couple pieces in there, along with several other notables. Really great pictures, good spread.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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Stompy -

Happy hunting at the newsstand! LOL

I, myself, merely "read PLAYBOY for the articles' <yeah right>


Sorry to "burst your bubble," but its more a case of vice versa.

Nell McAndrew is a English model that posses as" Lara Croft" at shows, conventions, and fan club gatherings.
She, needless to say, has quite a fan gathering of her own by now!

Thank you, by the way, for having shared the insight regarding the recent issue of Maxim and knives.

Take care,

Michael Cedric


"You learn something new every day!"

I'm gonna have a harder time getting that through the door than my knives.

Civilian "Military" fans unite!!!


Lara Croft is the rather improbably proportioned "star" of a series of computer games called Tomb Raider.

I suppose it's too much to ask to post some pics? Just for educational purposes, to build a frame of reference, pictures worth a thousand words, etc. (whatever works). Could ya? Would ya? Can't buy Playboy; all spare change goes toward buying Blade magazine and knives
James Mattis,

Yes, there was indeed a knife in that picture. Said knife appears on page 74 of Playboy's August 1999 issue (albeit Nell McAndrew has it imbedded in some wet beach sand).

I still would like to know the brand/model name of said knife.

It appears to be a sleek fixed (combat) blade, polished, stainless steel, w/skeleton handle (ergo consisting of circles?).

I, by the way, do not merely read PLAYBOY for the knives, yet if they do find their way into the "Playboy Advisor" (Buyer's Guide section) then that much the better.


Good luck in getting PLAYBOY "through the door!"


Donovan is right in as much as "Lara Croft" is indeed a popular, fictional, video game character ("Tomb Raider").

Try and picture her as a sexy female version of "Indiana Jones!"


Sorry, yet "no can do!"

PLAYBOY, understandibly so, is very protective of their copyright's, hence I have no intention to infringe on them.

I do, however, sympathize w/your (possible) budget crunch, hence I'd suggest to thumb through the August '99 issue at your local Barnes & Noble (or other book/magazine retailer).

That way you can still form an opinion of your own on the matter without having to pay the $4.95 (I, myself, have been subscribing for ages).

Take care,

Michael Cedric Swiney


"You learn something new every day!"

That looks like an old diver/covert pattern I once did handle wrapping on for a friend. I believe it was by United Cutlery, but it's the sort of pattern that a dozen lower-end companies might make, so who knows where it came from originally. Basically just a dirt-simple hunk of 440A, if I recall correctly. Could take a double-edge, but neither side would stay sharp for long

I am so sick of "Lara Croft..."

-Drew Gleason
Little Bear Knives
What a thread to come back to after a breif travel away.

Anybody notice that DC was the only one with the...erm.... spherical objects to post a picture from Playboy?

Good to be back
Errr..could anyone e-mail me the photos? fastjudy@hotmail.com .As you've guess by now,
i come from a country which is hard (very hard) for playboy to come by, so if you guys would be sooooooooo kind to 'spread' some light on this poor soul? Thanks.

Power to the blade and lightsabre.
Yes, there was indeed a knife in that picture. Said knife appears on page 74 of Playboy's August 1999 issue (albeit Nell McAndrew has it imbedded in some wet...
I must admit that I almost lost 'it' right about there.

...beach sand.
Yeah... okay.

Work hard, play hard, live long.