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Please recommend a high-quality fillet knife for a gift.

Aug 3, 1999

What are some of the best fillet knives out there, whether custom or manufactured? Photos or websites would be especially helpful. Thanks.
I have fillet knives that can be seen at www.customcutlery.com. Click on the picture in the upper left of the home page. The $70 price includes a sheath and shipping.

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My favourite fillet knife is the cold steel model. It holds an edge better than any other one that I have used (Rapala, uncle henry). It is a coated carbon V and must be dried after use. The Uncle Henry is much prettier and somewhat more flexible though. It ( uncle henry) has a much nicer leather sheath as well. Too bad the steel is not as good at edge holding.
Phil Wilson (seamountpcw@earthlink.net) makes custom fillet knives (and others). They cut exceptionally well because of the thin edge (.01" thick behind the bevel), with a full distil taper of thin stock (1/8"). The handles are ergonomic and secure with a forward guard, flared butt and thong hole. He uses a variety of steels including the CPM's. He does not have a website but does have lots of printed info and pictures he will send out on request. I have one of the large fillet knives, 9" blade, so can be more specific if you want.

The "best" fillet knife depends a lot on the type and quantity of fish you are processing. If you are a professional who handles a lot of large fish your best working knife would be an ergonomic sort of long and thin butcher knife. It wouldn't be pretty since it would likely have a large molded plastic grip. Something from Victorinox or Dexter.

For a gift you may want something that looks nicer and has the traditional needle tip everyone expects. Browning makes some nice examples that I believe are made from AUS-8 which gets real sharp. A truly unique and professional quality product is made by Fishmonger Knives. These have a special offset handle design that you just won't find elsewhere. It is such an optmised design that it comes in right and left-handed models. Some links are below:




I bought a bunch (more than five) of the Pachmayr filet knife. Blade is Aus-8 and the handle is the same material as their handgun grips. Paid less than $20 each and I am telling you that this knife is way under priced. Pachmayr also produced a drop point hunter with 440C blade and the same grip.