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Spyderco PM2 52100 LNIB

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Dec 31, 2018
Greetings BFers!

I have a LNIB PM2 52100 up for sale or possible trade (see trade perameters below). I am listing it as LNIB for two reasons: 1) I did switch the original black clip for a chrome one because I liked the look better and had planned on adding this knife to my EDC rotation but never did. 2) I received it from factory with this small dot on the CF scale shown below in the picture. Not sure if that is just had this CF was molded or if it was missed by QC.

PM2 52100 - $165

- Knife was never carried or used on anything.
- Has been opened and closed several times to play with action. It is SMOOTH and perfect. Drops freely when closing.
- Centering is very nice.
- I do not have the “original” black clip for it. Sorry!

The fine print:

● This price is for PayPal G&S (fees included in sale price)(No F&F accepted unless I have done business with you before) with the knife shipped to CONUS(48 states) destinations ONLY.
(please know your knife laws, its your responsibility, not mine)
● Sorry NO international sales.
● The first person to unconditionally claim a knife publicly with "I'll take it" and then promptly follow up with a PM and payment gets the knife. Though I reserve the right to sell to whom I please. “I will take it, pending question answered” is not unconditionally.
● Only will consider trades if they are Spyderco PM2 or Para 3 exclusives or sprints. PM with any offers.
● Please do not post offers within the thread; if you have an offer, please PM me or post your email address, and I will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.


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