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Pocket Folding Knife "The Golden Fish"Super prise drop

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May 12, 2018
I'd like to present to the discerning knives lovers my new pocket folding knife "The Golden Fish":
Blade length: 6.5cm/2.5 in
Blade width: 1cm/rs0.4 in
Overall lenght: 15cm/6in
Handle lenght: 8cm/3.15in
The steel is Swiss - AK-5.
Antler handle, decorated with brass inlay, picturing a fish in action and art ornaments.
This is an old knife, produced by Bulgarian factury in Veliko Tarnovo, which used to work about 30 years ago. Find applied a picture with the loggo.
It had a plastic handle. I removed it and make miself a new one from antler and decorated it by miself.
Comes with beautiful handmade carved wooden box.
Price: 150 $
Shipping - 20$
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