Pocket Holster for your knife, flashlights, etc...

Jan 19, 1999
Just thought I'd pass on a homemade holster idea to you fine folks...

I got tired of my pocket hobbit (or whatever other knife I'm carrying) rolling around in my pocket all day. I also carry a surefire 3p and a leatherman tool. Because of my office environment, I can't wear all of this stuff on my belt at work. So... I took an old leather briefcase and cut out some large squares of the heavy gauge leather. I then trimmed it down to match the width of my pocket. Next, I laid out the items that I wanted to carry in it so i could get an idea of where I would need to stitch it. When it was done, I was able to tuck my pocket hobbit in one side of the sheath, My leatherman in the center pouch, and my surefire 3p in the other side. I am able to reach in my pocket and immediately grab what I need without fumbling around. All of the items are seperated by stitching so they each have their own little pouch in the holster. The items are all oriented in a vertical position so they are easy to grab! If you want an idea of what the sheath kind of looks like, look at the A.G. Russell woods Walker fixed blade sheath that he carries (At least Ithink thats what he calls it). I am going to make another one of these carrying things in my hip pocket also! Anyway, I like it and it is no more noticeable in my pocket than a wallet would be!

Sounds like a neat idea. Try to get it out for sale. You could make the knife part adjustable with Velcro. The backing could be Kydex...hmmmm