Mar 19, 1999
hello people, both these knives i love and own, but i was doing some chopping in the yard with a 2 by 4, and let me say, both knives chopped awesome, but honestly, i like the Spec Plus Survival Bowie better, its the 10in blade w/epoxy finish, and 1095 carb. steel. To me, the handle is overall designed for heavy chopping, its full tang, i am not afraid to hack with the bowie, even put wesson olive oil on each handle, the Trailmaster Carb. V. started to slip a little. The spec plus is much less expensive 39.99 vs. 150.00-trail master, although the spec bowie doesnt have a big guard, it works awesome. Spec Plus even puts a more than adequete back edge on it. 1095 steel holds up almost to the carb.V on my trailmaster. Plus, the spec bowie has a epoxy coating, prevents rust. Also i think the SPEC PLUS BOWIE is a much better fighter, give me your opinions.
Go to the Knife Review Forum and look for the Spec Plus Bowies / HI Sirupatis thread. Cliff Stamp just posted his review links on the chopping abilities of the Ontario Spec Plus
1) Survival Bowie
2) Marine Raider Bowie
3) Bolo
4) Kukri
compared to 12" and 15" overall length HI Sirupatis ( and references to a few others ).
Thanks for the comparasion rage. Suprising though, I would have figured a much better performance by the Trailmaster. If you plan on doing significant chopping you might want to check out the Marine Raider Bowie by Ontario, it far out performs the Survival in that area.