Porsche Design Swiss Knife

What? Where? When? How much? LINKS?
Here the best pic I could come up with on such short notice


It's made by Wenger, the handle is ruthenium coated (!?) and price is US$280.- in Japan (!!!), which doesn't mean much for us here. There are not internet sources for it but I might get the chance to check the Porsche design store here in SF over the weekend.

For Ruthenium check: http://pearl1.lanl.gov/periodic/elements/44.html

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From your link: ruthenium "oxidizes explosively".

Ouch! I guess that's one way for a knife manufacturer to make sure that their customers keep their knives lubricated properly.

Semper Fi

I emailed American Porsche Design , they told me the knife is so new its not on their website(www.porsche-design.com). They quoted a price of $140.
Bronco, yeah, keep that knife away from halogens and hydroxids
On the other hand it's interestind to know that 0.1% ruthenium will increase the corrosion resistance of titanium a hundredfold. Makes me wonder what the handles are actually made of.

Studend99, that confirms my rule of thumb: knives in Japan sell there for about double what they are here. Very sad! But $140.- is still a lot for a not too special SAK.
Whyyyy did they have to do it with Wenger?!? ... Yup, I'm a Victorinox-kind of guy
Well, I guess I have to own one Wenger too (ok, I got one already...so another one
) - as I'm even more a Porsche -kind of guy

BTW, where did you get those photos (from where did you scan it)?


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The last time I checked, the Porsche Design store on Union Square closed. Maybe the moved somewhere?