Post your Arno Bernard Pic's!

I carried my Desert Ironwood almost exclusively for six months. The titanium looks a bit used here and there but it is hard to see any marks on/in the wood.
The Desert Ironwood on yours is much nicer than on mine so I understand the precaution.
My desert ironwood is definitely not one of the prettier cuts either (a hige shame, as i was so excited for it) but, my abelone one makes up for it. Stunning!
Well, ive had the knives a while, but i hope i can show off my (painfully bad!) Pics of my wonderful new AB pen! Matching abelone inlay!

Fixed it for you!



Ty, my uploads are at max!
All I did was open your link, right click on the picture, and choose "open image in new tab" (since the original url can't be used on the forum), then copy that images new URL in the new tab, and then put that link into the post formatted with the IMG or /IMG commands placed inside the brackets [ ]