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PRICE DROP 14 TC Barlow (SOLD 14 Boys Knife & S&M Dollar Knife)

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Mar 18, 2016
Hi All. Knives will ship from Australia with tracking. Price of each knife includes shipping, tracking and PayPal fees (PayPal G&S only). First "I'll take it" in the sales thread followed by PM for payment details, gets the knife. If you buy more than one knife I'll of course do right by combined shipping and lower the overall cost. Thanks for looking. MJ.

The knives:

1. TC 141118 Smooth White Bone. NIT. Only out for photos. Was USD 175 now USD 165

TC White 1 of 2.jpg TC White 2 of 2.jpg

2. S&M Dollar Knife. Beautiful example. Never used. Brass liners. I have owned this for several years. Comes with original box. SOLD USD 125.

S&M 1 of 2.jpg S&M 2 of 2.jpg

3. 142116 Lick Creek Ebony. I bought this new from a dealer when first released. Kept it in the tube unused. Sold it. Then bought if back some time ago. I just don't carry it because I use other 14s. It has not been used. Superb example with deep dark covers. USD 100.

14 Ebony 1 of 2.jpg 14 Ebony 2 of 2.jpg
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Handle material on S&M is faux (imitation) ivory. I believe this was a run of 100, but stand to be corrected on that. MJ.
It may just be the picture, but does the long pull on the ebony “jump” or “zig zag?”
Hi Terdl76. It’s the picture. I’ve just had a close look at the uploaded photo. There is nothing wrong with the actual knife / long pull. I’d rate it as an excellent example. Thank you. MJ.