Photos PRICE DROPS!! Busse users looking for new homes


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Feb 23, 2010
I have decide to reduce my collection and offer these users to you Hogs and Piglets!!
ALL of these have been sharpened, used and/or stripped and may show love marks, edge imperfections and sheathing marks.
All prices include shipping and insurance within Canada and USA.
I reserve the right to sell to whom choose.

1) FBM LE #51
Used and sharpened. Features hand smoothed black canvas scales and copper tubes (done by a close friend) includes Leatherman Ultimate Hoss leather sheath with baldric shoulder strap.

2) Busse Basic 5 ($200), 7 ($225) and 9 ($250)
All 3 are used and sharpened with convex edges. The 7 and 9 have been stripped and include the original leather sheaths. The 5 has an original canvas sheath with plastic(?) insert.
Take all 3 for $629

4) Magnum Bear Cub
Used and sharpened. Black paper with copper tubes on satin finish and convex edge with penetrator tip! Includes Mashed Cat Kydex.
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May 1, 2009
If you would be willing to sell the MBC kydex separately, drop me a PM or email to obeicht (at) gmx (dot) net.