Proud NEW Owner of ALUMINUM AXIS Lock

Oct 3, 1998
Well, I finally located one! After bugging Dave at BM for the names of some "authorized BM dealers" in my area, I got three phone numbers. I kept calling and calling all 3 of them, constantly asking them "Do you have the new BM 710 in stock!" Most of these "authorized dealers" were not very familiar with the Axis lock or any of BM's other products! They kept on trying to sell me a STRYKER!!!! I lucked out and talked to a nice guy who took my name an number down. He called this afternoon and told me he had received FOUR black bladed AXIS locks with aluminum handles. The knife I bought was numbered 371/500!! This knife is GORGEOUS!!! I love the axis lock. It is as smooth as silk! Best of all..... he only charged me $120.00!!!!! I really thought that I would have to pay the full retail price of $170.00!!!! JEFFREY
Congrats Jeff! Glad you like it. There are few things that make me feel better than getting that blade I have been waiting for. Next week for me it's a EDI Genesis for me and a Buck Crosslock for the wife.

Where's a good pic of this blade of yours?

Edit: Ha! I just went to the link section and went fright to BM. They have a nice article on your knife.

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska

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