Puerto Rican weapons Act of 2020

Feb 8, 2020
Once Upon a Time you couldn't have any weapons in Puerto Rico. The law changed in 2020. Governor of Wanda Garcia signed the bill into law in 2020 As for guns Puerto Rico recognizes all 50 states concealed weapons permits and allows you to carry your weapon concealed while you are here in Puerto Rico. Residents who want to purchase a firearm can get it in 30 days where it used to take up to two years. The knife laws haven't changed too much the law says if you use a white arm which is a knife air rifle dagger harpoon stiletto air gun clubs Sap's just about every type of weapon you could think of short of a gun against anybody without justifiable motivation you will be charged with a felony. There are exclusions You could have any knife that's proper to an art sport profession occupation or if you are disabled or considered defenseless. It also says that it must be carried concealed and no showing. So you could basically carry a knife as long as you're not waving it around and showing people you won't have any problem. There was a misconception where people thought that the law said that the length of your blade had to be 3 inches. Puerto Rico has no length law. So you could carry a large knife. for those of you who have ever wondered if you could take your gun to Puerto Rico the answer now is yes. And if you carry a knife make sure it's totally concealed. I'm confused on one subject the law doesn't say anything about automatic knives. So I don't know if I can carry mine. So I don't. Just a little information I wanted to share with you thank you gentleman