puma knife works/ robert klass company

Jul 19, 1999
Does anyone know how to contact the Puma Knife Works or the Robert Klass Company.
Are they in Soligin, Germany?
Any information about these companies would be appreciated.
Also, does Ken Rooster sound familiar?
or Kissing Crane?
Please, anything regarding any of these.
Thank you, John

I don't think that the two companies are connected (Puma and Klaas). Klaas and Kissing Crane are however connected, at least at one time since I have knives from both that share logos and the like. I collect Pumas and know more about them then the other Solingen brands; the company is one of the very oldest existing production knife companies in the world. Pumas are high end German hunting, outdoor, and other miscellaneous types of cutlery that I consider top notch. They attempted to enter the newer, more tactical-ended market, but it just ain't their bag. Try www.knifecenter.com and some of the other links here at the front door to Bladeforums and you'll find a wide variety, as well as possible links to the Solingen-based company itself. Hope you read German. If you're thinking about Pumas, take a look at the White Hunter and White Hunter II's, the Bowie, the Outdoor, and comparable fixed-blade models. Their folders (imo) can't hold a candle to American brands, but their fixed blades are classy and beautiful and have a lot of eye appeal as well as functionality.


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