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Puma Steel Type

Sep 24, 1999
I own a Puma White Hunter that I use as my primary deer hunting knife and was wondering if anyone knows the type of steel Puma uses for their knives and this knife in particular?
Hi Kevin,
Puma uses a steel comparable to 440A, if I remember correctly, hardened to 57RC (They test each blade for it, You'll probably find a tiny indentation of the diamond device they use on the blade). The knives are made in Germany, and we use not only the metric sytem but also some other nomenclature for naming tool steels.

Take care,
Tobse !

I asked Puma-Werk (Germany) the same question a few months ago, and got their prompt email reply. Puma uses German 1.4110 steel, which is similiar to the american 440A steel, for the White Hunter and White Hunter II. don't remember their Website address. You may try search engine to find their customer service address. Good folks there.
Good Luck