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Quality ivory and natural materials from Alaska!

Hi Greg,
Good seeing anothe Alaskan on Blade Forums. Welcome aboard the best knife site on the web.

Good meeting you last week and thanks for showing me all those neat supplies you carry for makers!


Hi Greg,

Welcome to BladeForums. It's nice to see other Alaskans and an Anchorage member. There is one more from Anchorage, Yekim, I think.

Nice knife making supplies. Do you have any knives for sale that I could look at? Do you have factory made knives?

Shoot!..., wish you'd posted about two weeks earlier. I'd done a search on "Mammoth ivory", and came up with only two suppliers.

I just picked up an ivory delivery today, from Oso Famoso... some mammoth "bark" that I'm having a Cetan's handle made from.

Fairly decent piece of ivory.. though not all polished like yours