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Quality Materials?

Jun 19, 1999
I'm a rookie when it comes to knives, but I've been hanging out here a lot when I'm not a KCI. Tell me, which materials, grades of metals, or brand names should I avoid?
Which should I look for? I'm looking for your personal preferences.

Also, reflections on the CRKT Carson M-16/04?


Welcome to the forums! How did you come up with the name...do you go to school here at UF?

Your question is a loaded one...one which I'm really not qualified to answer (I don't have enough knives to be able to compare well). Read the reviews forum and keep looking at current topics. There really is no sure answer.

JP Bullivant
I recently got to play with a CRKT M16-03 and it honestly made my jaw drop. The design was gorgeous, the action was among the best, and the fit-and finish was comparable to any production knife I've seen. Maybe it was an especially nice one, but even at full retail it seemed like a steal. Past CRKT knives have made me think they're "getting there" with the Taiwanese manufacturers; now I think they ARE there.

I didn't pick up the knife because I only carry blade-hole types and it was big for one person I knew would like it and too small for the other. I'm sorely hoping CRKT will offer the spearpoint in the M16-02 and M16-04 sizes; then I'd already have Christmas gifts for two friends! Otherwise, I see no advantage to a tanto point whatsoever and also find it jarringly inappropriate with the curves of this knife. C'mon, CRKT, go spearpoint!

Still, I give the knife I saw top marks.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Really comes down to value for money. Most knives aren't worth the retail. However "street prices" are often far below retail and often better reflect the true value of a knife.

Stay away from buying new models until they have been out for a while and the initial flurry is over, lets prices settle down to where they should be.

Just some thoughts, hope it helps
Welcome rookie.

This issue of high tech stainless steels is batted around like a baseball. Reality is that every difference in the formulation of stainless steel involves a compromise. The most common one is edge holding (hardness) vs. corrosion resitance. One declines as the other increases.

You may want to visit the Spyderco page at http://www.spyderco.com. They do a pretty good job of describing the various steels.

The CRKT M16 is relatively new. Personally, I think it's terrific for its price. It is a Kit Carson design made of excellent materials with excellent fit and finish. CRKT accomplishes this by combining good design and good materials with manufacture in Taiwan. If you like this type of knife I can't think of anything better at under $50 street price. I wrote a short review of the line on the newsgroup you might be able to find by searching deja news.

Hope you enjoy and contribute to the bladeforums as your interest in knives grows. Take care.

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