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Question for CS tanto owners


Gold Member
Oct 14, 1998
Does anyone who owns a standard traditional Cold Steel tanto use them for utility?

Yes, Works just fine. I used it some winter before last on the trap line. That 8A has it all over ATS-34 when it starts to get cold (-30).
Hello Dan!

I'm wondering what happens when it gets to below 30-degrees.

I have a used CS Tanto here (san mai) that I've been using for a couple of years now, and it still performs like its new, except for the scuff marks and a couple of resharpening, otherwise it still cuts like there's no tomorrow.

I have a Mini Tanto that my wife and I use for yard work and gardening. I re-profiled the front edge of the knife to a more flat ground shape. It was too thick in my opinion. Don't know about cold weather use. I don't do much of either in cold weather.