Question for WAVE owners


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Oct 12, 1998
I just recieved my new Leatherman Wave today and like it very much, except for one thing:
When the tool is in the closed position I can grab one side in each hand at the bottom of the tool and there is wobble. Is this normal? It doesn't happen with my Supertool of PSTII.
I tried to do searches here but I keep getting server errors.
Thanks for any replies.
Mine wobbles too. Don't think it's a problem. After several months of use the thing opens very easily, almost like a balisong.


What kind of wobble are you referring to? I also had some experience with my Wave when I first got it. I found out that when it was closed, there was some kind of wobble (sideways). But I realized later that everytime I closed the Wave, naturally I grabbed both handles and just folded it. After a closer inspection I found out later that with this action, the other end of the Wave (the pivot end) won't be closed, only the bottom end. See whether both ends of both handles meet each counterpart. In the closed position, both handles should meet one another at both ends (metal to metal).

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my Wave has some wobble too, but it its rather small. You have to look closer to notice it, so it's no problem for me.
Anyways it handles very fine. It dosn't open butterfly style as some others mentiond, but I'm not sure if I would like it this way.

to make it short: I love my Wave and never leave home without it.

Your's fraternally
Walter, After talking to Leatherman about a sheath..they have some bad sheaths out there snaps are bad (they will send a new one)if you have the old style the snap pops open too easy, also the belt loop is in a different location too!
Anyway the flex when tool is closed is normal, Should be no flex when open!! They said this is due to the design, to do with the one hand blade pivots. They said all the tools have some flex closed, but its more pronounced in the WAVE. Not to worry.. They stand RIGHT behind the tools if you ever have a problem! Your WAVE will flik as it wears in..Mine is starting to get sweeter eack day!!!
Thanks for the replies. I handled a few more at some shops and they all had flex as well.
It doesn't have any flex when open.