Questionaire... please read.

Oct 8, 1998
How many of you have heard of, read about, seen, held, used, own, or regularly use any of the following...





Woodsmans Pal

Kellam Billhook or other billhook variant like the Cobra

Hardwood cane

Rattan cane

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I have used, owned, held, etc. a kukri, both canes, machetes, bolo, and read about the barong. Why?


I regularly use an HI 15" Ang Khola kuhkri and recently acquired a BK&T Brute which has elements of a kuhkri, bolo, and bowie in its design.

No canes but a home carved hiking staff of wormwood and B-Square Monopod that I love!

I too am curious... what are you attempting to learn with the questionaire?


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

Just trying to understand the frequency of their use.

they are all good tools, but i don't here about them much...

I use a Cold Steel LTC Kukri whenever I go camping. It's a factory 2d so it was cheap. Very great camping tool!!! small, lightweight, very effectice chopper or seven spade, & one heck of a defensive weapon in a pinch.
I'm not personally familiar with the other items listed however.
and have made canes and staffs from oak, apple and cherry
Man, I wish you would've titled your post differently. I almost didn't stop by. Glad I did. You're mentioning my kinda things. ;-)

I've done a fair amount of testing of machetes, bolos and kukris. Nothing really substantial and nothing definitive, but I have a fascination for items that can quickly turn trees into sticks or shelter.

I need to do more looking into bolos and barongs as compared to machetes and bowies and parangs for that matter.

Here's my q to you: does Kris Cutlery fascinate you? ..... I thought so. ;-)

Wanna know my very quick take? There's little that needs to, or can be done with American hardwoods under one foot diameter that can't be done with an Ontario GI machete. ;-)

I've not done any investigating into bill hooks and the like, though they clearly have their fans. I do regularly use their bigger brothers the briar hooks and bush axes. In fact, I prefer a full size bush ax to a blade equipped gas grass cutter for sm. undergrowth and brush. (less work, and nobody believes it )

Canes? How 'bout quarter staffs? ;-)
(Or is that quarter staves?)

I use kukris,machetes,and hickory walking staffs. I would like to get ahold of a good bolo,barong, and parang one day.

I use a HI 15" Ang Khola Khukuri. Great knife that is hard to beat for chopping...

Not sure if I understand your post, are you loking for a review of the following items? Thats quite a wide range of items you have listed...

Have heard of them all, not all to often though, I only have the Woodmans Pal.

Just seeing what sort of reaction they get from people.

Als, can anybody think of other tools, both types and specific tools that I need to add besides quarter staves, and walking staffs????

bald1, Do you think you can post a picture of that Brute????

Parangs, Pangas, Klewang,

Any other ethnic blades and/or utility designs?

FWIW, I'm familiar with all of the above -- some more than others.

bald1 - Bob, I've never handled a B-Square monopod but I bet the quality is great. Thanks for reminding me. I've had a "Spiratone" for 25+ years that I haven't played with in a while. Loosen up the locking rings a bit and you have the mother of all Asps.

On the topic of canes/walking sticks, I have a lead shot loaded, hollow brass eagle head, number that has to be held to be appreciated. My favorite walking sticks, however, are more traditional -- it's tough to beat a shillelagh.


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Himalayan Imports British Army Service BAS khukuri 15" overall.

Dad owns an old Collins machete,another bolo type machete of indeterminate lineage,and get this.. a folding machete of Japanese manufacture with a liner lock,no doubt made some years back. Have handled them all. No practical testing though.

Still searching for the elusive MDP Flayprong.

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <----<

Held a ceremonial khukri w/ a bull on it, very heavy, very deadly

Bolos come in various sizes. I've played with the Filipino 20-26" range on occasion.
I own a talibon a smaller chopper with a forward cant.

Barongs, played w/ real and replicas. Very deadly in the right hands, and like the other blades it has a proven record.

Machete, not my fave but I've touched.

Woodsman and Cobra, no.
I'm not sure what you mean by hardwood cane. I work w/ the elderly so I'm exposed to a lot of types.

Rattan cane, once. Was light and flexible.
I was thinking of canes as exraction tools more than anything.

Phil Squire, The FLAYPRONG, that will be the name of the two handed bolo variant I am composing in my mind, and you will get one sir... Send me you address by private e-mail, delivery will be about a year, but you get one.

Kukri- all
Bolo- (from "Enter the Dragon?":)^)), never owned
Barong- used(?)
Machete- all
Woodsman Pal- never owned or used
Kellam Billhook- never owned or used
Hardwood Cane- all (for exercises only)
Rattan- all


PS- MDP, when is that review due to arrive?:)^) I' ll probably run into Kevin at the NY Show in March and am contemplating on one of his AFCKs or Strykers. Thanks.