questions about my Outdoor Edge Impulse

Oct 3, 1998
What size is that hex, allen head screw that helps hold on the pocket clip mine keeps loosing up. Also I've spent some time on a Smith's crock stick sharpener and have the 12c27 steel blade VERY sharp but I'm wondering about the hardness of the steel and how it will hold up.Thanks guys and have a nice Christmas.

Jim Smith
To Scanpro:

The pivot is a 2mm hex head. If you have a problem with the pivot loosening, add a drop of Lock-Tite and tighten the pivot to your desired opening action.

The 12C27 is a fine grained steel with edge holding capability similar to 440B. 12c27 also takes an edge much easier than ATS-34. Rockwell-C is around 57 but you will find 12C27 holds an edge better than most steels with this same RC hardness. It's not only the hardness but the fine grain structure that helps to keep the final edge from deforming.

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David Bloch

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